Expert Rail Services, LLC

Teever Handal


Expert Rail Services was started by Teever Handal after 30 years of work in the Railroad Industry.  His career started as a Research Assistant at Clemson University for pioneering rail industry consultant Dr. Harry Law.  After graduation, Mr. Handal worked for the Association of American Railroads at their TransportationTechnology
Center in Pueblo, Colorado. There he managed projects such as Rail Neutral Temperature and Advanced Turnout Design.  He was a principal developer of the industry standard rail car simulation computer model.  With the AAR, he consulted on a wide variety of derailments, vehicle dynamics problems, and wheel/rail interaction issues.  Following his 11 year tenure at TTC, Mr. Handal moved on to Progressive Rail Technologies where he performed the majority of the company‚Äôs consulting services (Expert Witness, Derailment Investigation, Design Evaluation) and was a key developer of proprietary data processing algorithms and computer programs in support of their TPD and WILD monitoring systems.